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„Once upon a time in a world filled with darkness, monsters lived in peace and harmony. 

Until a creature of light was born.
Tortured by the light emitted by the strange creature, the monsters began to attack to bring back the natural order of the world.
Just as the first monster’s strike was set to end the gleaming light for good, the light began to transform into…“


In this game you will play the manifestation of light born in a world filled with darkness. It is your destiny to bring light into these dreary malicious realms or else you will get consumed by the shadows. Hordes of monsters will get attracted by your light like moths and they will attack you in waves. Killing a monster with your beams of light will grant you light life, which will protect you from their attacks and even strengthen your very own offence. But be aware, the more powerful your attacks are, the more they will drain the light out of you. 

What happens if darkness perishes once and for all? It is about you to find out

Developer Comment

This game is my (Kromzem’s) third entry for the Ludum Dare Game Jam and the second entry for both Manti and Gumbarius, who already participated in my past projects during the past two Jams. 


Kromzem: Coding  
Manti: Sprites, Artworks  
Gumbarius: Balancing , Animation, Translation into English   


Music (all taken from Newgrounds):  

Basset-Hound, „Horror Ambience“,  
MetroPiano, „Horror Ambiance (Scariest)“,  
Ragezero, „Psychic Horror“,  
toby3d, „Creepy music box“,  
velvet-alchemy, „music box“,  
HonorOfStyle, „(HoS) Music Box Loop“,  
johnfn, „hope“,  

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