Your time has come! You are the chosen one helping Zeus defeat Hades! But this time Zeus is being poisoned by Hades and so he is not able to act without some sacrifices... But that's exactly where you can shine as a loyal believer! Sacrifice everything you may find around you and help Zeus succeed! 

Attention: Like every good Boss, Hades gets more strength if he gets low on health! So be prepared for this!

This is my (Kromzem) 2nd Ludum Dare Jam Entry but it's the first entry I made with my wife (Manti) <3 We both were brave enough to try something new to us, so she was learning how to pixel and I was learning how to use Unity. But we can say: Our jam went pretty well and we are both proud of what we made. We hope you enjoy our game and leave a kind comment ;) 

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